Since I have begun my treatment at Prosperity Health with Dr. Kuan, my overall health has improved drastically! The combination of treatment I receive; acupuncture, cupping, massage therapy, and chiropractic work has improved my mental, emotional, and physical well being. Dr. Kuan is extremely personable and dedicated to helping his patients reach their ultimate health goals. This treatment I have adapted into my weekly routine and it has become apart of my life that I am proud to continue.

- Paige Gural -

My experience with Dr. Kung's treatment was pleasant, comfortable, effective. I especially liked his acupuncture technique, because I was very afraid of needles and pain, but none of that happened.

- Joyce Chen -

I have been coming to be treated by Dr Kuan since he opened his wonderful clinic. Acupuncture combined with chiropractic adjustment is the only thing that worked for my sciatica pain. The attention I receive from Dr Kuan and his friendly and caring staff is unsurpassed. Any ailment or pain Dr Kuan addresses thoroughly. I love everything about this clinic - from the quiet meditation spa music in the treatment rooms, warm reception by Nancy who makes sure I am comfortable and the compassion of everyone. There's never a wait. Dr Kuan is a true healer. I highly recommend Dr Kuan and his clinic.

- Elena -

Many thanks to Dr Kuan and his staff for their caring and understanding of my needs. Dr Kuan has helped me in so many ways both physically and mentally. He focused on both aspects and not only offered acupuncture but suggested healthy living for both. I had severe lower back issues and fertility problems. My back is better and I now have a 16 month old. Thank you for your support and everything you have done for me and my family.

- Wendy Gonzalez -

Dr. J. K. Kuan is a true healer. He will assist you with anything that is bothering you no matter how small.

- Wendy Green -

I wanted to leave this review to express how truely grateful I am to doctor kuan. After being stuck in bed for over a week because I couldn't walk, I have uterine fibroids, cysts on my ovaries, and last week severe sciatica that crippled me. I called doctor kuan on Friday, a day he doesn't usually see patients. I cried to him, desperate because the pain was excruciating. He told me to come right in. I couldn't walk for a week. After seeing him on friday, I was back to work by Saturday! I couldn't believe how much relief I got. I would say within 2 days, 80% of my pain was gone and I'm walking again. Thank you doctor kuan! As always, you are a true life saver! A miracle worker! God bless you!

- Christina Lagriola -

Dr Kuan and his staff are wonderful. They have helped me so much with my health issues. I have recommended Dr Kuan to all of my family and friends. This is a great group of true healers.

- Pat Reed -

Although I was always curious about acupuncture, my extreme fear of needles kept me from exploring for many years. After being referred to Prosperity Health Center, Dr. Kuan and his team took great care to ensure my comfort while calmly and gradually introducing me to acupuncture. In just a few treatments, my irrational fear disappeared and my chronic pain drastically improved! Over the few months I have been visiting Prosperity Health Center, Dr. Kuan and his team have worked diligently to restore my energy, eliminate my back pain, manage my hypertension, and have virtually erased painful acid reflux that once required daily medication. Treatment at PHC is a truly enjoyable experience that reaps life changing results!

-Julia from Hazlet -

Dr. Kuan has helped me tremendously with my knee, back and shoulder pain as well as helping me live a more balanced life through diet and herbs. I look forward to my treatments at Dr. Kuan’s office and attribute much of my improvement in health and energy to his care.

- John from Shrewsbury -

After years of receiving traditional Western medical treatment, with lackluster results, I finally considered an alternative approach towards a healthier lifestyle. My research brought me to Prosperity Healthcare. During our initial consultation, Dr. Kuan listened intently, asked the right questions, and confidently explained how he and his staff would provide an integrated approach, appropriate for my particular needs.

After only a few weeks of bi-weekly sessions, each consisting of acupuncture, massage, and chiropractic, my energy soared, as did my sense of well-being. In addition, I have gained a plethora of knowledge regarding the mind-body connection, particularly as it relates to nutrition, herbal therapy, and corrective exercise.

Dr. Kuan and his team are 100% committed, and their enthusiasm is nothing short of breathtaking. This kind of dedication and passion is rare, and when one is fortunate enough to experience it, the results can be quite remarkable.

- B.R., Freehold -

Dr. Kuan started with a discussion about my medical history and performed various orthopedic exams and then he performed Traditional Chinese Medicine palpation and exam such as pulse taking and visual inspection of the tongue. Then after he came up with a TCM diagnosis, he treated me with both acupuncture and moxibustion. I found the entire experience very peaceful and absolutely painless, which can attribute to Dr. Kuan’s kind and gentle manner, as well as his skill as a health care provider. Additionally, it was a very interactive experience, with Dr. Kuan asking me how I felt every step of the way, ensuring I was comfortable and relaxed. Part of the treatment even included an opportunity to meditate or rest while beautiful music played softly in the background.

After my first acupuncture session, I feel very strongly about 2 things: (1) continuing with acupuncture and TCM to treat my condition without surgery and (2) recommending Dr. Kuan to family and friends.

- Judy from Bedmington -

My sessions with Dr. Kuan became regular as I realized how helpful and healing the practice of Chinese Medicine was. My sessions always yielded insight about how to live better and with more awareness.

Dr. Kuan helped me to take care of my essential energy. Dr. Kuan was always willing to explain things in great depth and even conducted an informative and entertaining demonstration for my fellow running colleagues. Dr. Kuan was very good at creating a bridge between Eastern and Western thought.

I am in good health now largely as a result of the path I began when I met Dr. Kuan. I am forever grateful. I now understand my health in a holistic way that takes into account the entirety of my being. I currently teach and practice yoga in Los Angeles and am thriving. I recommend everyone to see Dr. Kuan and to know that their health will be in wise hands.

- Polly from Santa Monica -

Dr. Kuan is the best acupuncturist I’ve ever had. He not only gets the point, he makes that point belt opera. You will heal!

- Sun from San Diego -

I met Dr. Kuan two years ago when he came highly recommended by a close friend of mine that had been getting acupuncture treatments. Though I knew very little about acupuncture at that time, what I DID know is that I needed help! I had torn my I.T. band due to a sports injury and it was so painful that I could barely stand long enough to take a shower. Dr. Kuan helped speed up the recovery process as he gently helped me heal. If it wasn't for his helpful healing techniques, I would have been out of work for a lot longer than I already was.

Since then, I have continued to get acupuncture with Dr. Kuan. Even when I am feeling 100%, I regularly see Dr. Kuan for what I call maintenance. I was learning that our emotions and our minds are so connected to our bodies that acupuncture isn't just beneficial when it comes to a sports injury or an illness, but it is also extremely helpful when it comes to our emotions as well. I love that Dr. Kuan is an advocate of holistic approaches to healing.

Dr. Kuan and his staff have helped me emotionally, mentally and physically. After I leave an appointment, I feel like a million bucks! If you decide to make the wise decision to begin acupuncture treatments at Prosperity Health Center, you will be returning weekly or even bi-weekly, just like I do! It has become part of my routine and lifestyle and I am so grateful to Dr. Kuan and his staff for their continued help and support.

- Teresa from Avon By The Sea -

My name is Tom Conover and I wanted to thank everyone one for my wonderful experience at PHC. I have been treated for back pain and hip pain by Dr. Kuan, and had several massages by Marlene. Even Julie Ann the receptionist made me feel comfortable. I feel great!!!! Thank you so much to everyone at PHC!!!

- Tom Conover from Aberdeen -

I have been a patient of Dr. Kuan’s for about a year, and every time I go for a session I leave feeling such a sense of tranquility and healing. Dr. Kuan, and everyone at the center, truly cares about their patients; it is evident in everything they all do. My weekly sessions are my most looked forward event on my calendar! My husband is even hooked!! Everyone should allow themselves to experience the true healing powers of this ancient practice and the genuine warmth of the wonderful staff at Prosperity Health Center.

-One very happy patient, Cristina Bolusi

- Cristina Bolusi from Spotswood -

I wanted to write a review on behalf of Dr. Kuan and his staff. I have been going to Dr. Kuan for a few years and his office is clean, his staff is friendly, and I always feel welcome when I go. During my visits, I receive acupuncture treatment, massages, and chiropractic work. When I am feeling sick, I have stopped going to my family doctor who wanted to immediately treat me with antibiotics, even for a persistent cough. When I am feeling under the weather or have a specific ailment of a persistent dry cough, sinus infection, or cold, I visit with Dr. Kuan and he puts these suction cups on my back and they suck out all the toxins from my body. It is amazing!!! I feel better immediately and I highly recommend it to anyone who is feeling sick or has a bad cough or sinus infection. One year in the Fall after I had started school again, I had a persistent cough, post nasal drip and fatigue. Because I was coughing constantly through the night, I was not feeling any relief from a good night's sleep because I was up every hour coughing. I visited my family doctor and he did not know what was causing it but he prescribed antibiotics. I refused to take them and then decided to go straight to Dr. Kuan. After my treatment, I slept through the night for the first time in over a month!!! The suction cups on my back worked wonders and I became a firm believer after that!!!

I highly recommend Dr. Kuan and his staff to anyone willing to live a healthier lifestyle, without all the medications and pharmaceuticals that have side effects.

Happy Healing!

- Ann-Marie La Gaipa from Neptune -

Dr. Kuan - The Luca family, especially Joe, would like to thank you for all you have done and continue doing for all of us. Your thoughtfulness and concerns are greatly appreciated!!! We have never met a doctor whom we truly trust day in & day out. Please know that whenever and whomever we speak to - we always mention your name. You have a special place in our hearts!

"You are that golden leaf that has dropped into out family stream"

- The Luca Family from Morganville -

Dr. Kuan - I was writing to thank you for your excellent care/advice in helping me to become more healthy. I feel better than I did before I started recieving treatments and am truly greatful.

- Shauna Channer from Matawan -

For: Prosperity Health Center

952 Highway 34; Suite 207; Matawan, NJ 07747

To Future Patients of Dr. J. K. Kuan, DC, LAC, DAOM, CA

A. Eighteen years ago in Rochester, NY I was successfully cured of multiple severe allergies (many trees, grasses, dust and so forth) after 12 20-minute acupuncture sessions by a Dr. D. Hung, licensed acupuncturist.

B. Last year my allergic symptoms returned, and this year they became severe. Since I reside in Morganville, NJ now I began a comprehensive search for professional treatment in Monmouth County, NJ. Fortunately, I was able to discover Dr. Kuan and Mr. Bea, practicing only a few miles from my home!

C. Dr. Kuan is a most welcoming, friendly practitioner, manifesting much modesty about his extensive clinical training and expertise in acupuncture, chinese herbal medicine and chiropractic therapies. After seven 45-minute intense acupuncture treatments I am no longer symptomatic during this allergy time (June, 2015). He adds "cupping" to further enhance the efficacy of his focused treatment, combined with specially formulated ground herbs that are ingested daily.

D. Rather than treat each malady [we've identified 4 of them] separately, which would greatly add to my treatment times and financial costs, Dr. Kuan--driven by ethical imperatives--simultaneously has been using acupuncture to treat all four dysfunctions at each session. He carefully explains the nature of his intervention strategies, the needles do not hurt, and the treatment rooms are comfortably air conditioned. My only complaint: he has steadfastly refused to first dip each needle in ground pistachio nuts + dark chocolate (hopefully, the reader has a good sense of humor!]. His receptionist, acupuncturist assistant is most welcoming and helpful in finishing each treatment by removing the cups and applying a healing protective spray to my back.

F. As a trained, NJ licensed evidence-based social scientist, whose logic directs essential personal life choices, I can with unfettered joy and honesty recommend Dr. Kuan without any reservations whatsoever! They are true professional healers who take their respective professional work to the "platinum standard of excellence.

- Most cordially,
Fred Pastor, DSW, LCSW, LLC
A Most Grateful Patient -

I have been a patient at Prosperity Health Center for the past year, and just had to write about my impressions of and experience at this wonderful healing place.  I first came with a musculoskeletal problem, which was gone in just a couple of acupuncture treatments.  Later on and more recently, I experienced a more serious (and frightening) set of conditions...I was very scared.  Not only did my condition improve dramatically through acupuncture and Dr. Kuan's expert chiropractic adjustments, I now have freedom of mind to have just taken my very first yoga class at the center yesterday...I am sold; not only on yoga, but on being a lifelong patient at Dr. Kuan's lovely center.


I also last but certainly not least, want to tell you about the absolutely amazing staff of people that work at Prosperity Health.  From the wonderful front desk people to the massage therapists as well as yoga instructors, everyone is a true "gift from God" and working in the right place...I praise them highly and thank them all sincerely.  And lastly, the center is so beautiful and calming...a true house of good health and PROSPERITY!


Yours In Health,

Dr. Christina Pastor


952 Hwy 34, Suite 207 | Matawan, NJ, 07747


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